Molly Ruffle Mary Jane Squeaker by Mooshu Trainers

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Cute shoes to taker her fun places!

Molly Ruffle Mary Jane shoes combine the perfect mix of style and functionality. The flexible sole provides comfort for walking, all while looking trendy! These shoes feature an adjustable velcro strap, making it easier to secure the right fit (crucial for your active toddler’s feet!). The removable squeakers of course make walking fun all while encouraging proper heel to toe walking. 

  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Removable squeaker
  • Sizing is based U.S. shoe size standards for baby's and toddlers
  • All shoes include 1 pair of squeakers inserted in the heel, along with a pair of non-squeakers for “Quiet Time”.

Please note that measurements listed below are inside shoe measurements.

 CM  Inches  US/Euro
 12.2 cm  4.70 in  size 3/19
 12.8 cm  5.00 in  size 4/20
 13.4 cm  5.25 in  size 5/21
 14.0 cm  5.50 in  size 6/22
 14.6 cm  5.75 in  size 7/23
 15.2 cm  6.00 in  size 8/24
 15.8 cm  6.25 in  size 9/25