Marilyn White Squeaker Shoes by Mooshu Trainers

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Every little girl needs a strappy sandal. Whether you are planning a trip to the zoo or dancing your heart away at a wedding, Marilyn is the perfect all occasion shoe. The closed heel detail adds support and comfort.

  • Available in White, Silver, Gold & Pink
  • Leather lining, Velcro, and TPR

Marilyn Strappy Sandal | Toddler Squeaky Shoes

Why mooshu TRAINERS? Your baby is walking. You want well-designed toddler squeaky shoes that are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait. You also want them to be cute, comfortable and fun so that wearing shoes won’t be a daily struggle.

  1. Flexible soles and soft materials that bend with every step.
  2. Removable squeaker promotes healthy heel-to-toe gait.
  3. Wide toe box designed for the unique shape of toddler feet.
  4. Fashion-forward, cute styling to delight toddlers and parents.

Qualities of our shoes:

  • Removable squeaker
  • Durable rubber sole – just where active toddlers need it
  • Rounded edges – helps reduce stumbles and falls
  • Velcro or Zipper closure for easy on and off/adjustable fit (yes, on ALL our shoes!)
  • Non Slip laces
  • Breathable lining