Dang Enormous Headband (DEB) by Baby Bling - Presale


Bigger the bow, the better - Make a statement with these larger than life headbands!

Soft and stretchy, these bows come in various colors to match your outfits perfectly!  

OS fits all - newborn and up!

 PreOrder Notes

  • We are offering PreOrders on new styles of Baby Bling headbands in the Spring ’20 Collection
  • We will not over sell - Quantities available are what will be arriving in store and available to ship out, 
  • If we do not receive a style, we will refund you and notify you ASAP!
  • Please be advised that Baby Bling will start shipping headbands on Jan 29, meaning we may not receive them for 2-3 weeks after this date. 
  • Most importantly - Enjoy Baby Bling’s stunning spring collection!
  • P. Cottontail & Co. is honored to have your support!