Flashing Blue Spikey Ball by Toy Smith

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This pack of soft rubber spiky balls includes a colorful ball-themed display case and an assortment of Toy Smith's popular squeezable Flashing Spiky Light-Up Balls. Balls light up with rainbow colors when bounced or squeezed. These squishy, spiky balls are great for working on dexterity, developing fine motor skills, and relieving stress and anxiety. Made of soft, durable, nontoxic rubber, each ball includes non-replaceable batteries. Available in blue, green, and purple colors.

  • Age Grade: 3+
  • Each sold separately
  • When ordering please specify color 
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: 2.50 L x 2.50 W x 2.50 H / 0.09 lb
  • Made In: China
  • Batteries required