Le Top’s Darling Of The Week: Calvin (Such A Cute Baby)

Our Darling of the Week is 3 ½ month-old Calvin! Pictured here looking handsome in this Le Top Baby outfit from his favorite store, P. Cottontail & Co.

Calvin has a curious and smiley personality. He enjoys laughing at himself in the mirror and loves playing ‘Patty Cake.’ He also likes spinning the rattle on his booster seat. Although he doesn’t have any siblings he has two pets, Summer and Samy, that love him very much and always check to make sure he is in the car seat when mom brings him home.

Calvin’s favorite toy is his stuffed dragonfly with crinkly wings. His favorite food is milk. Mom shared with us that there’s one thing he does not like, and that going to bed without being read too! No story, no sleepy!

Here is another darling photo of Calvin in these cute and comfy shortalls from our Spring 2015 ‘Buddy the Bulldog’ collection – again from his favorite store, P. Cottontail & Co. in Half Moon Bay, CA — check out their Facebook page here!


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