Plui Rain Cloud By Moluk

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A rain cloud for the bath or pool!

Immerse the Plui Cloud in water to fill it up and then plug your finger over the top hole as you raise it up high.

Lift your finger from the hole and water falls like rain. Plug it up again and instantly, it stops. (Yes, like Zeus, you control the rain!)

A basic principle of physics becomes fascination for the senses and inspiration for the imagination with the Plui Rain Cloud.

Plui Rain Cloud by MOLUK
  • A rain cloud for fun play in bath or pool
  • Stimulates the senses, encourages interest in physical properties
  • Immerse Plui Cloud in water to fill, cover hole, raise it up high above the water
  • Lift finger from the hole and water rains out!
  • Design-centric fun for the bath
  • Fun for a wide range of ages
  • Includes one Plui Rain Cloud
  • Measures about 3 x 4 inches
  • Rain cloud can be opened up for easily cleaning the inside - Just squeeze the sides to pop it open
  • Fully safety tested