K"NEX Classics 125 Pc/10 Model Building Set

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An ideal first step into the fascinating world of K'NEX!

This 125-piece set features a variety of different rods and connectors, plus a set of wheels, for building 10 basic builds.

Create a jet airplane, a race car, a puppy dog, a fish, a snail, a cat, and more - The simple designs are a snap for first-time builders!

Then, it's time to forget the suggested builds and start inventing your OWN creations.

Introduce your young engineer to a new world of creative discovery with the K'NEX Classic Beginner Builds 125-Piece set.

K'NEX Classic - Beginner Builds - 125 pc

  • K'NEX set with 10 building ideas designed for beginners
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, STEM learning
  • Designs include cat, dog, fish, snail, jet airplane, car, and more
  • Simple designs are a snap for first-time builders
  • Includes a variety of rods and connectors, plus a set of wheels
  • Illustrated building guide included
  • Fully compatible with all other K'NEX sets
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional build-and-play experience
  • Made in China with USA parts