Marvel The Avengers: Secret Message Lab Kit by Quarto

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Hey! Want to learn how to make and break secret messages like a real spy? Of course you do! 

This practical field guide has everything kids need to know about the art (and science!) of concealment—ciphers, code-breaking techniques, and plenty of hands-on practice sessions to help you become a super-secret spy.

Kit Includes:

  • A message mask you can share with your friends for revealing secret messages
  • A code wheel you and your friends can use to pass top-secret notes
  • A special invisible ink pen along with the ink-revealing light pen
  • A wax crayon and reveal spray bottle
  • A red pen and red decoder lens
  • A special 32-page book containing many secrets of the spy world

Go undercover with your favorite Avengers, such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and more. Avengers assemble!