Frosted Champagne Bunny by Douglas

Frosted Champagne Bunny by Douglas

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Snuggle up to spring every time you give this Frosted Champagne Bunny stuffed animal a cuddle! Featuring a cozy taupe color, her cloud soft fur will melt into your arms when you pick her up for a hug. Resilient polyester fill of the highest quality ensures she’ll bounce back after every imaginative romp and affectionate squeeze. Big paws and long, floppy lop ears lend her a heart meltingly sweet appearance, while large, amber colored eyes and a flocked, pink nose give our Bunny a look that’s undeniably cute. Sure to win over the hearts of animal lovers of all ages, this decadently cuddly plush rabbit comes out a cut above the rest when it comes to softness!

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24 Months & Up


10" Sitting


(25 cm)