3 Pack Little Booty Fan

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It is important to dry the diaper area before applying rash cream or ointment. Rather than patting the baby dry with a clean cloth or just giving him a little air, you could use the handheld, Little Booty Fan! Do you really want to tempt fate and find out what happens when the sh*t hits the fan?

  • GENTLE FOR BOY AND GIRL BABY’S SKIN: We invented the Baby Bumco Little Booty Fan to gently dry your baby's bottom before applying ointment to my own little one’s sensitive skin. Diaper cream creates a thick barrier for protecting sensitive skin and healing a diaper rash.
  • PORTABLE FAN: On the label of top diaper cream ointments it states that it is important to dry the moisture from little boy and girl bottoms before applying diaper cream. Our travel size fan is perfect to keep in your diaper bag.
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: This fan measures at approximately 2 inches when folded, making it the perfect size for travel. Use to breeze before applying desitin, butt paste, aquaphor, honest, dr. smiths, vaseline, natural, or any of your favorite moisturizer barrier cream. Just toss in your diaper bag and go!